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With Honda CBR300 listed approaching, the price becomes clearer. Although it is a single-cylinder castration type, but a spell and GW, GW you have to be careful it! Your potential customers to flow CBR300 part of it! ! ! ! ! !
Not a title but found this in a Chinese thread. Note the bold - "single-cylinder CASTRATION type". Beware of the new Honda CBR300 - it is a castration type!

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For kicks and grins I went back to the Chinese forum to find some more funnies. If you have not read the previous ones then check them out! Here they are! Note words in parentheses are my comments.

question to ask a very vulgar seek to share{no need to be vulgar}

trot, on the map{title}
Directly on the map{first line of the post}

A **** less directly on the map{similar to the above?}{missing word is slang for feces}

finally detoxify friends{intervention?}

hair virgin forum posts veterans who ask{hair virgin?}

quite helpless Spotted{I see them a lot!}

GW250 Hello precious{Golem buys a motorcycle}

Try fat map{I would rather you didn't map it}

A few patches of hair{I am going bald too}

bask in the love of ass ever{he likes junk in the trunk!}

Jane deserves fierce old bird does not know it is worthwhile to give an opinion {Odd line in a post}

title must be a long long long long. . . . . . . . . . . . . {actual title!}

Tell the truth, the quality of most of the motorcycle driver is low{TRUE - I have seen the videos of Chinese drivers!}

newly installed rear, we can look at it?{butt implants?}

piece of fried street to give everyone! Happy New Year!{mmm fried street!}

Much hair posts, I hope to see some{OK}

correction faucet{does it work as well as spellcheck?}

Sneak out to run one hundred kilometers{secret marathon runner!}

in two weeks going to run a long distance to go home{the marathon runner must be at college}

enchant the wheels{magic makes them roll faster!}

Jeepers seen help to link{said the Chinese Daphne{Scooby Doo ref}}

ask a white problem, hoping to get answers.{that is so racist!}

Fragrant year{fabreze every day}

or saliva in one place!{drooling at a single location}

yeah testicles is not leaking{if your's do see your doctor!}

Today bought a blue shine testicles{waxed and ready to go}

An authentic Italian testicles GIVI boxes{banana hammock?}

Testicular emulsification {def - A suspension of tiny droplets of one liquid in a second liquid. Well that is almost correct!}

White Gangster ask you testicle seniors{black gangsters don't ask things like that!}

testicles really ugly!{mine aren't that pretty either}

close the exhaust end of the testis{vasectomy}

Testicular exhaust pipe{see above}

Testicular owners seeking suggestions{consult your doctor}

My blue testicles!{sorry}

small peach testicles{better than large coconut ones}

Testicular run-in{don't work them too hard too fast or they will blow a gasket}

New testicular tangle{ouch!}

An old lady on the testicles sound evaluation{thread was a woman's view of the GW250}

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